EPDM Rubber For Playgrounds And Water Parks

If you operate a playground or water park, one of the safest surfaces you can have installed is EPDM rubber. This soft and durable surface is built to last and provides a great grip for kids to run and play. It also reduces the likelihood of scrapes and cuts as opposed to other playground surfaces, putting parents’ minds at ease. EPDM rubber is also a relatively affordable option for commercial construction projects. If you’re considering the different options for a waterpark or playground, EPDM rubber should be at the top of your list. »

EPDM Rubber Surfaces for Playgrounds and Splash Pads

Playgrounds and splash pads are particular areas in public and private works where safety is of the utmost concern. These surfaces are frequented by running children and therefore the risk of slip and fall accidents is much more prevalent. If you manage a playground or splash pad for a hotel, theme park, or community park or center, you should pay special attention to the material used for these areas. Of the various kinds to choose from, EPDM rubber safety surfaces are the best suited for playgrounds and splash pads »

EPDM Rubber Safety Surface Installation

Whether you are looking to renovate your home or business, safety should always be taken into consideration when beginning the project. If you are a homeowner, you want everyone who lives in the home or visits it to be safe and comfortable. If you are a business owner, you want everyone who patrons your business to feel the same. »

EPDM Rubber Safety Surfaces for Patios

Home renovations are always welcome projects at JI Masonry Solutions because they do many great things for the home. If you are looking to enhance your home soon, the outside patio is a good place to start. Although there are numerous different kinds of materials that you can use to repave your patio, EPDM rubber safety surfacing for patios have a few notable advantages to them that let them stand out among the others. »

EPDM Rubber Safety Surfaces for Pool Decks

EPDM rubber safety surfaces are an ideal coating for the areas around pools, common areas, walks, patios, splash pads, and playgrounds. These surfaces continue to gain in popularity in all markets from residential through a commercial for a variety of reasons. They offer an ADA-compliant and safe surface for pool decks in the home and for playgrounds or water parks in both public and commercial facilities. If you are looking to install EPDM rubber surfaces for your pool deck, we at JI Masonry Solutions are here to help. »

Residential Masonry Design Services

Have you been considering a masonry renovation or add-on construction project at your property or residence? This type of renovation is a major change to the form, function, and aesthetic of a home. However, when done right, it can add significant property value and improve the overall homeowner’s experience. »

Travertine Masonry Services For Homes

Travertine is one of the most popular materials for stonemasons to build custom pavers and outdoor hardscapes. This durable, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing limestone can be used for a variety of building purposes. It typically comes in neutral colors and is popular among homeowners for many reasons.

As a beautiful and natural-looking stone, there are many places where travertine can be utilized at your home. Below are a few of the many ways you could add this custom stonework and up your overall curb appeal. »

Home Exterior Masonry Services

One of the best ways to spruce up your home’s appearance and add curb appeal is through an eye-catching decorative masonry design. A new installation of pavers, a dramatic retaining wall, or a picturesque matching driveway and walkway can transform your home’s landscaping. Home hardscapes require an experienced masonry contractor to help you design and execute in a way that adds value to your home.

If you’re looking for such a contractor, contact the team at JI Masonry Solutions. Our service technicians can assist you with all of your masonry needs. From the initial design all the way through your installation, our team is here for you. »

Outdoor Kitchen Installation Services

If your family loves to entertain, an outdoor kitchen is a must. They are a great option whether you have a luxurious poolside or a patio with spacious backyard views. Enjoy a nice lunch while you watch the kids play, or grill out for dinner when friends come over. The options are endless when you invest in an outdoor entertainment space.

Here at JI Masonry Solutions, we are here to help you create the outdoor kitchen space you’ve always wanted for your home. Below are just a few tips we recommend before starting your renovation or add-on to your home. »

Travertine Paver Installation Services

There are numerous different kinds of materials that one could use to pave a back patio, with there being no clear best. The choice as to what you want your home or business’s outdoor areas paved with largely comes down to personal preference and which kind of paver might best suit the occasion. Travertine is one such material that is popular for many, especially in the hospitality industry and for good reasons. Travertine is also but one of the materials we use as part of our premier paver installation services at JI Masonry Solutions. »

Stone Masonry Contractors

Any time that you are looking to complete a home or business facility renovation project, you always should work with professionals who you can trust to get the job done right. This is especially true when it comes to working with stone masonry contractors. The best kinds of contractors will not only be able to complete the task they set out to do, but help you through the design process and decide on what exactly should be done. At JI Masonry Solutions, we aim to be the best stone masonry contractors and work with you on any related home or commercial project you need to complete. »

Residential Pool and Patio Masonry Services

Many people during the cooler times of the day choose to sit out on their back patio and gaze out at their pool. If you have been doing this recently and been thinking that it’s time to renovate this area of your home, now is the time to do so. No matter what kind of renovation you’re looking to complete, we at JI Masonry Solutions are here to provide premier residential pool and patio masonry services that are sure to revitalize your home and create an elegant new scene for you to enjoy. »

Residential Decorative Masonry Services

Have you been looking to renovate and revitalize your home’s backyard? Of all the home renovation projects that you can undergo, one of the most beneficial and aesthetically pleasing ones you can do is that of your backyard, patio, and, if your home has one, pool area. There are many decorative upgrades you can do in this regard and a truly expert team will not only be able to help you design a backyard to be proud of, but also execute it swiftly and effectively. At JI Masonry Solutions, we aim to be this team for you by providing premier residential decorative masonry services. »

Poolside Paver Installation

Are you ready to turn your outdoor living space into a backyard oasis? Here at JI Masonry Solutions, we can transform your pool deck into a beautiful work of art with custom pavers. We have years of experience installing pool pavers, and we would love to help you update your local property.

Below we are letting you know all the important notes about paver installation. »

Patio Pavers Installation Services

Home renovation projects are often long and tedious. The amount of work that goes into both planning and executing the project can sometimes be overwhelming, but the result is almost always worth it. Back patio paving is one of these kinds of jobs that has a high time investment, but is ultimately worth doing. Thankfully, there is a way you can avoid the stress of completing this project on your own and enjoy a newly paved patio and that is by taking advantage of the patio pavers installation services of JI Masonry Solutions. »

Outdoor Residential Renovation Services

When you decide to take on your next residential renovation project, you want to make sure to work with an industry-leading team of professionals that you can trust. Here at JI Masonry Solutions, we can provide you with a highly skilled team for each of your masonry needs. We value making and keeping our communities beautiful.

Below we are rounding up some of our specialty masonry services. »

Masonry Services for Splash Pads

During summertime, kids need a place to cool off and have fun. Splash pads, or spray pools, are an ideal setting for safe, interactive play that is simple for a community or commercial facility to design. They are low-maintenance, low-cost, and can provide hours of entertainment without the need for lifeguard supervision. It is the ideal investment for a community to make or for a hotel to include in their recreational area. »

Masonry Services For Hotels And Condominiums

If you own a hotel chain or condo there are multiple ways that you can utilize custom masonry design at your individual locations. Here at JI Masonry Solutions, we have worked with the hospitality industry on numerous stonework projects. We would love to help you update your outdoor and indoor living spaces.

Below are just a few of the ways we can help you revamp your hotel or condo with custom masonry. »

Decorative Masonry for Water Parks and Splash Pads

In the summer heat, it’s important to find creative ways for kids to stay cool. Exercise is important for their health and growth, but too much heat can cause adverse effects. Waterparks are the ideal solution for this. Parents feel at ease while their child explores the wonders of waterpark play in a safe and cool environment. In this way, water parks and splash pads serve the community and provide much-needed outdoor recreation for children. »

Commercial Remodeling Services

Are you looking to remodel an outdoor space, or take on a major reconstruction project for your commercial facility? If so, JI Masonry Solutions is your best choice for quality craftsmanship and beautiful decorative design. We offer best-in-class service for an affordable price, putting your commercial renovation project needs above all else. »

Commercial Masonry Services for Apartments

Everyone needs a place to call home. Sometimes that place is a first-time apartment for the college student, or a retirement condominium close to the family and friends. No matter who lays their hat there, apartment homes and complexes make our growing communities stronger. They provide a stable alternative to homeownership, as well as a vibrant opportunity for investors to make their mark in a city.

As a property owner, you want a structure that will stand the test of time and will continue to gain value with substantial rental rates. This can be accomplished with the help of JI Masonry Solutions. We provide quality, custom masonry services for apartments, ensuring you get the exact results you want for a reasonable price. »

Commercial Masonry Services

Here at JI Masonry Solutions, we have decades of experience in the commercial masonry industry. Our team has been trained to provide you with expert attention to detail on all of your company’s stonework projects. Over the years we have worked with many businesses including, Marriott, Hilton, Universal Studios, and even Disney.

Below you can learn more about our available masonry services for your commercial location. »

Commercial Masonry Design Services

JI Masonry specializes in commercial as well as residential masonry design. Throughout the country, we are known as the go-to company for quality, consistent work, and affordable prices. Our team of experienced designers and developers are ready to tackle your project and will work hard to ensure your every need is understood and met.

At JI Masonry, we create lasting relationships with developers based on our stellar reputation. This reputation is based on founder Ira Stolon’s exceptional work and reaches within the contractor and developer community. He has met hundreds of clients, and has been able to build a network of referrals based on the honesty and integrity of JI Masonry solutions. There is no one more qualified than our team of commercial masonry specialists. »

Commercial Masonry Contractors

Do you need to update the masonry at your commercial property? Here at JI Masonry Solutions, we have a team of contractors who are experienced industry professionals. Our primary goal is to help you install and maintain the beautiful stonework at your property.

Below we are highlighting some of our most requested commercial masonry services in the local community. »

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