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When it comes to the designing of outdoor living spaces, individuals mostly think of softscaping with lush greenery. While the natural beauty of it can certainly spruce up the looks of your property, it is imperative to remember that it simply may not go as seamlessly with your property as you may think. Every property, whether commercial or residential, differs in terms of architecture, size, layout, and other factors. This is where hardscaping becomes relevant. The right blend of hardscape and softscape can give a property a distinguished look.

What is Hardscaping?

The non-living elements in a landscape fall under the category of hardscape. These include elements such as retaining walls, patios, pavements, gazebos, and other similar components. The perfect mix of hardscape and landscape can give the ambience in an area a major boost. As one of the leading masonry service providers, we, at Ji Masonry Solutions, offer excellent hardscape services. Our team of hardscape artists is highly competent in offering a variety of hardscaping solutions.

What Does Hardscaping Include?

Hardscaping refers to a rather broad range of services as the hardscape elements that you may install on your property are numerous. We come up with various creative and tailored solutions for each of our clients. Some of the popular hardscape installations that our clients generally opt for are:

Interlock Pavers

One of the best solutions for the floor of outdoor spaces is to use interlock pavers to cover them. These are a rather popular choice compared to other materials due to the variety of designs in which interlocking pavers are available. These pavers are basically blocking of concrete or stone, designed in shapes that interlock with each other. They not only differ in color, but also in terms of shape and the patterns that one can potentially create using those blocks. Interlocking pavers are easy and cost-efficient to maintain while adding to the beauty of an area.

Retaining Walls

While designing an outdoor space with a mix of softscape and hardscape solutions retaining walls play an important role. These walls are useful in holding soil back in its place. Quite often, an elevated mass of soil is built up in an area for the purpose of planting trees and plants. However, unless there is a mechanism to hold the soil in place, it would quite naturally erode or topple over. Depending on the type of pressure that the wall would have to retain, we deliver personalized retaining wall installations.

Stone Patios

If you are looking forward to adding a low-maintenance element to your property that would deliver great utility, a stone patio would be a good choice. An artistically designed stone patio with seating space is a beautiful place to spend time with your friends or family. The best part about stone patios is that there is room for detailed customization.

Fire Pits

What can possibly be a better place to relax than a fire pit in your patio with a seating area around it? Installing fire pits would not only make your outdoor space cozy but would also add to its beauty. A fire pit also has a variety of applications, including barbecuing. Hence, a fire pit would be a very practical addition to an outdoor space.


One cannot possibly think of a beautifully landscaped outdoor space without walkways. Walkways play a pivotal role in ensuring that the foliage and grass would stay safe from being stepped upon. Moreover, a stylish designer walkway that blends with the design of the landscape can help one enjoy a leisurely walk to the fullest. Hiring hardscape solutions from a professional company like us can truly transform the exteriors of your home. All you need to do is to give a call at 727-337-3638 to contact Ji Masonry Solutions.

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