Masonry Renovations

Masonry Renovations, Tampa, FL
Masonry features are meant to be exceptionally durable and withstand the elements and wear and tear of time. On the west shore of Tampa Bay, the effects of weather and time can take their toll on your hardscapes and outdoor living features casing cracks and masonry deterioration. At JI Masonry Solutions, our experienced and skilled team of masons can handle all types of masonry renovation projects, including history renovations to bring your outdoor features back to their full glory. We provide our renovation services for all types of features including stone patios and stone decks.

Customized Masonry Renovation Services

When it comes to masonry renovation projects, we provide customized solutions. Many times, our clients prefer a more natural look for their outdoor living area or hardscapes. In that case, we recommend stone to help turn patios and decks into beautiful and durable spaces. Stones are available in almost endless colors and textures. This allows us to create customized looks for your outdoor living areas. However, we are not just limited to stone features. We provide a complete range of masonry renovation solutions involving:

  • Stone
  • Repointing
  • Terra cotta
  • Brick

Besides, we also take care of the re-stabilization of masonry walls and facades. We will also take care of masonry flashing installations and restoration along with the installation of weep vents. Our experienced crew can also inspect and address any water penetration problems. Many times, our clients prefer the look and feel of wooden decks. However, they do not want to spend their time on maintaining wood. We can recreate your deck with durable materials to create similar aesthetic looks. The advantage of masonry work is that you will not have to worry about rot or deterioration due to external elements.

Our Approach

Whatever renovation services we offer for your masonry features, we follow a common approach for all our projects. We always strive to provide high-quality craftsmanship, delivered on budget and time. Our patio, deck, and other hardscape renovation services span across different material choices, colors, and textures.

Some of the common solutions we provide as part of our renovation services include:

  • Renovation of stone, brick, and cast stone features
  • Reset and fix dimensional stonework
  • Clean all masonry and concrete surfaces
  • Maintain and preserve masonry elements
  • Structural repair services for masonry

We also provide consultation for the adaptive and rehabilitative re-use of your masonry structures.

Our Team of Masonry Experts

We have a team of experienced, qualified, and skilled masonry craftsmen who can handle all types of renovation and new installation projects. As we use our own staff for all steps of the process, we are better able to control quality, budget, and timeline. Besides, our masonry renovation, cleaning, and repair services, we also provide consulting services. We can work with you to create long-term maintenance programs to keep your hardscaping features in their peak condition.

Whether it a patio, deck, or any other renovation, we can guide and assist you in adding new features to your outdoor living space. This can include new fire pits, barbeques, and more. We have the right experience to help you make the right choice of materials and features for your renovation project.

We handle both residential and commercial projects throughout the region. With over three decades of experience in beautiful and functional masonry work involving different types of materials, we are the experts you can turn to for all your renovation or new installation projects. If you need more information about our masonry renovation services, contact us at JI Masonry Solutions. You may call us at 727-337-3638 to speak to our masonry experts or write to us using this Online Form. We will be pleased to answer all your queries.

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