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Outdoor Fireplaces, Tampa, FL
JI Masonry Solutions LLC is a leading company in the industry. We are based in Safety Harbor, FL, and cater to clients nationwide. Our company offers a wide range of services, including outdoor fireplace design and installation. We work closely with our clients, ensuring that our solutions align with their needs.

Installation of Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces add drama and charm to the outdoor spaces of a property. They let you enjoy the yard areas even when the temperature drops. They also serve as a fascinating and eye-catching focal point, particularly if combined with an outdoor stone fireplace, which is magnificent.

A fireplace zone becomes an inviting space where you may spend time with your family and friends. Some of our customers question if these structures are worth the cost. Clients who have added fireplaces to their homes have expressed no regrets since these constructions add attractiveness and value to a property.

Facts About Outdoor Fireplaces

As previously said, many people question if they are a worthwhile investment. Certain individuals believe that their money would be better spent on an outdoor kitchen or patio. However, fires provide an unmatched atmosphere to your garden and can also be very functional.

  • Late-Night Gatherings — You are not required to remain inside when the temperature lowers. A fireplace lets you stay outside and socialize with your friends and family, even on cold wintry nights.
  • Cooking Source — You may combine an outdoor fireplace with a pizza oven to create authentic stone-baked pizzas at your leisure. You can even include a barbecue. This adds utility to the installation and eliminates the need for an extra outdoor kitchen.
  • Aesthetic Appeal — A fireplace is unmistakable and immediately attracts the attention of all your guests. A well-designed building may simply blend into your environment. You will not need to add any more adornments to this structure.

Outdoor Fireplace Considerations

When building a fireplace, it's simple to lose track and go over budget. Here are a few points to consider throughout the planning stage.

  • The Material - The material determines the cost. You can construct it out of stone, brick, masonry, or stucco. Stucco is the least costly material, whereas stone is the most expensive. Using brick and stone requires a deft touch and some work. As a result, labor expenses add to the project's cost.
  • Durability - While natural stone is the most durable material, stone masonry is not far behind. Brick patio fireplaces are popular since they are less expensive than stone fireplaces. Additionally, they look lovely and complement most architectural types. We can build fireplaces with stone masonry veneers.
  • Budget - Keeping in mind the material and labor expenses, you must create a budget. Our skilled designers can provide guidance and recommendations in this area.
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