Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens, Tampa, FL
Planning and installing a practical, functional, and appealing outdoor kitchen will involve a good amount of planning and creativity. At JI Masonry Solutions LLC, we are a leading company in the outdoor living services space. From our base in Safety Harbor, FL, we cater to clients nationwide and offer many services, including outdoor kitchen design and installation. We are committed to providing our clients excellent value and work closely with them to ensure they get the kind of kitchen they want.

Outdoor Kitchen Installation

Many people want to have the open sky over their heads while they are enjoying grilling meals for their family; on the contrary, some families prefer semi-enclosed spaces with half-height walls and cozy chairs.

We have built semi-enclosed and open-to-the-air patio kitchens at homes throughout the country and can cater to your specific needs. We know what it takes to produce custom outdoor kitchens, and the things we consider when designing and constructing these are:

  • The size of the available space
  • Your preferences
  • The type of equipment you want installed
  • Type of flooring
  • BBQ, grill, and kitchen island installation
  • Plumbing
  • Fuel source
Keeping all these factors in mind, we build customized outdoor kitchen layouts based on your specifications.

What Makes Outdoor Kitchens Unique?

Many of our customers are curious about why outdoor kitchens are gaining popularity. Some individuals believe it is an unnecessary cost. However, even those initially hesitant to install them discovered how much they enjoyed their outdoor kitchen once they planned and installed it well. There are many reasons to have an outdoor kitchen, such as:

  • Excellent For Parties - By installing an outdoor kitchen, you're effectively establishing an area dedicated to partying. You can host house parties, pool parties, and summer BBQs without returning to your interior kitchen to prepare food or get refreshments. You can enjoy the party while ensuring that the guests are adequately served. Depending on the kitchen layout and placement, you can also converse with your friends while cooking.

  • Cook with Your Children - Occasionally, you'll want to spend time with the kids outside rather than locked up within four walls. Perhaps you're interested in something else than watching films or playing computer games? Teaching your children to cook outdoors can be a wonderful experience that will generate memories that will last a lifetime. You can spend meaningful family time with them while also teaching them an essential life skill.

Outdoor Kitchen Layouts and Plans

There are numerous outdoor kitchen designs available. You can choose the most suitable one for you based on your preferences. Your budget, the size of your yard, the purpose of the kitchen, and other factors all contribute to determining the kind of cooking area you may need. The single counter kitchen is the least priced option, while a larger L-shaped counter with a kitchen island will be a more elaborate feature. You can connect with one of our skilled designers to choose the best solution for you.

Please call JI Masonry Solutions LLC at 727-337-3638 if you want exclusive, attractive, and long-lasting outdoor kitchens. You can also write to us via this Online Form, and one of our experts will call you soon to discuss the details.

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